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Originally Posted by JimD View Post
I've worried about my sensor too but for a different reason. My standard practice for changing oil is to put in 1 qt less than is supposedly required and then check it. It is much harder to remove oil than add it. I've only changed my 128i twice but both time it read max oil level with 6 qts. It is supposed to take 7. I changed a friends 128i and hers didn't ask for the other quart initially but did in a day or so. Mine never did.

Could my sensor be bad? Does my sump hold less? Hers is a 2013 automatic, mine a 2009 manual. Drain plug is at an angle on hers and straight down on mine - so I know there is some difference in the pan.

I have noticed the same thing Jim when I change my own oil. IF I put in six quarts in... the oil level gauge will read FULL.... but the next day when I drive the car a long distance... it usually will show 1/2 quart low on the gauge.

So now when I change the oil... I just pour in 6.5 quarts (or 6.9 liters) and be done with it.