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Originally Posted by mb135is View Post
That's weird. I wonder if different dealerships have different capabilities. The story I was told by the three who wanted my business was: "We have 4 1 series allocations available in the northeast, any of which we can turn into a 135is, all of which are slated for production."

When I went with dealership X, dealership Y contacted me saying, "I've been watching the 1 series allocations and haven't noticed dealership X build your car - do you want to purchase with us instead?" hahaha no thanks - lost your chance!

Wonder what's up with that.
There certainly is something weird going on with the 135is production.

After working with three dealers I ended up with three different answers to the availablity question. Dealer A said no problem but wouldn't deal seriously on price and was unable to committ to our desired ED schedule.

Dealer B wouldn't talk ED because "That model isn't available" and tried to talk me into a 3er.

Finally I found dealer C, struck a fair deal and early last week, placed an order. Three days later the order was kicked back by BMW NA. From their email: "Unfortunately, we are not able to process this order as the 135is Coupe and Convertible are not available through the European Delivery. Your order bank request has been deleted."

Two days ago I was told the reason is that "135is Production has ended".

I only know what I'm told but this seems to a developing scenario. I've been working on a 1er purchase for well over a month and this is not the only unpublished change in the program. I believe my dealer was just as surprised as I was and the only reason I know about any of this our mutual incredulity over not being able to consummate a simple order from published guidelines.

In order to preserve our ED schedule I gave up and changed the order to an M Sport 135i with the same equipment. That order apparently went through with no trouble. The new car won't be the optimal choice but then my wife won't be getting it in Crimson Red either. "Just wait until last year".........
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