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Originally Posted by hondaluvr1985 View Post
I know no one will believe me but I have 35K on my V12s. Only those and my blizzaks. I had them on my first 135 for about 10k and now have the same set on my '11 for 23K since new. They've done we'll. They grip well and are smooth. I obviously drive like my Grandma though!
My V12's wore out in one summer

Maybe it's me, though, because my s.drives went through 8/10 of their life the next summer.

Also - Xcution, do what AlBinVA says and move up to 225/255 if you're on stock (or stock size wheels). They fit just as well, don't really cost more, and offer a bit more width and therefore a slightly larger contact patch than the stock size. This size up should have been stock size from the factory...

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