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new email from driving club

Hello Rick,

Your completely right, normal belts and seats of the 1M is enough. No
roll cages needed and everybody in the car needs to wear a helmet.

Driving instructions, I don't know at the moment. Do you like to get
some? If I get more request we can arange someone! (If your interested;
please let me know, how many hours you would like)

We don't have insurance, I'm sorry can't help you with that.

Club membership cost are 45,00 for a year. Every event you do with us
you get a discount of 25,00 and ones a year we make a little book, but
that is in Dutch.....

Great to see you join in with 3 M1's!


I'll contact her and clarify that not everyone signing up has a 1M but seeing that they allow our cars, there's no reason to suspect that the 128s/135s are considered any differently.