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Originally Posted by sparoz View Post
I would only comment on specs as apart from engineers working on the cars I don't think anyone would have driven both on the 1M:

Brembo's are a little bit lighter
Brembo's have a little more tensile strength
Brembo's conduct heat much better
Mov'it cost around 18k Euro, Brembo GT is 25k, and GTR is around 30k

I know a few ferrari owners has swapped their stock CCM Brembos to the Mov'it with great results. However, the CCM-R are the ones on the Ferrari Challenge Cars, and not the same as the standard cars.
I also have used the movit on porsche GT2 and tracked the hell out of the car for 2 season and it was flawless never had a single issue with brakes system
now i am struggling wich way to go brembo or movit since your the only one who have the brembo ill be waiting for your feedback after some track use