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Originally Posted by OzJustin View Post
Digging up an oldish thread here. I'm very impressed by the potential of these N54 engines with a basic tune.

I am curious on how the clutch/6 speed gearbox/driveline holds up with 260rwkw though? Uprated clutch definately required for this power level?
no one's trashed a 6MT (actual gears) yet that i'm aware of, up to ~600rwhp confirmed... many a clutch has been fried, but pretty much what *V* says

Originally Posted by MrBlonde View Post
OEM clutch is fine for all but repeated hard drag racing at the 300+ rwkw power levels.
as well as *apparently* the OE DMF causing misfires at 500rwhp+ (370kw) level... or some other pretty high output lol

... steptronic's however, can slip once you start upgrading turbos, depending how much you thrash it... a lot of the vishnu single autos are now being sold without much info so i'd take that as you will..

i don't know of any issues before 425-450~rwhp?

I'm sure in the next ~6mths or so when people start chasing BIG power, we'll see how the 6mt box holds out.. the sooner the better, i don't wanna be a guinea pig haha

Originally Posted by OzJustin View Post
Well that is surprising. I had thought something like the HPF feramic clutch would be required for a street car this powerful. BMW must have significantly over-engineered these little 135i's!

most people do seem to go an ACT/clutchmasters/Spec/a couple with the HPF when they eventually need to replace it anyway

ED: i'm getting too used to seeing/reading about crazy power N54's a bit haha

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