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Locking Storage Drawer In 135i Trunk?

I am going to come clean. I own two handguns. There it is. However, before you write me off as one of 'those guys,' you need to understand that the only thing I do with them is take them to the local range and shoot at paper targets. I am a pretty good shot and truly enjoy honing my skills as a marksman. I do not use my firearms for self defense or hunting. I never carry one on my person.

However, I would like to have a locking storage compartment in the trunk of my 135i Coupe to help ensure the security of my guns when I am transporting them. I did not find any posts on 1Addicts on this subject. But I have Googled-up some pictures of locking security drawers that mount inside the trunk under the rear deck. Unfortunately, they are model-specific for certain Jaguar and Acura models. Also, I found that there are companies (Havis and others) that offer equipment for larger cars, e.g., Crown Victoria to outfit them as law enforcement vehicles. They offer locking drawers and side mount boxes, but unfortunately, I cannot find anything like this to fit my car.

I thought I would ask for ideas before I just run out to the local big box sporting goods store to buy a couple of chintzy locking boxes and screw them into the bottom of my rear deck. So... how about it... any ideas?


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