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Yeah i agree. If I had to replace my car I'd get one with navigation, not for the navigation feature but for the screen and additional functionality like easier access to music.

Maybe the unit you link to would work. I'd ask the manufacturer for more assurances.

And while I don't know anything about it, keeping the head unit in the trunk and using a different one in the car is something a few people have talked about. That's probably the safest option.

I just select my music before driving or while at a stoplight, or if I have a passenger then that is their job. Not ideal but it works. And I have a few hundred albums on a 64g USB stick....

The other option is to use an iPod for your music and do the selecting on that, with a nice mount. And run the headphone output to the line in aux on the car. Something like a big capacity iPod touch would be easy to use and let you ignore the head unit except for turning it on, selecting aux in, and maybe volume.
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