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Originally Posted by lamboworld View Post
Why don't you just get a concealed carry license and keep them in your glove box so you can get to them when you might need them.
I appreciate your advice. However, I have no interest in having access to my guns when I am driving my car. I do not want them in the glove box, under the seat or between my legs. I want them to be securely locked in the trunk. This comes from a strong desire to keep my guns out of the hands of others... bad guys, children, misguided friends...everyone.

So, that's it. I am doomed. There is no patch, no methadone, no substitute. Curse you BMW. Curse you and your seamless power delivery. Curse the incredible sense of road feel. Curse the comfort, the luxury, the envious looks from the masses. I am... hopelessly addicted.