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Honestly I think that stuff is pretty cool if your wanting to go for a matte finish or if your car got into an accident and whoever painted it did a piss poor job... I watched a video of the inventor/owner of the company and it looks very very simple... The only hard part would be taping everything perfect so that will take some time but otherwise that special spray gun of his that is made for the plasti-dip which comes with the kit is what makes it work. It sprays a perfect amount of whatever color you want and you dont have to be a professional painter either. Its that spray gun lol. I saw him do his brand new Audi A6, outside, with it being sort of windy while he was diong it! came out looking PERFECT and that was just him showing you how simple and easy it is. If you spend some time on it and prep the car right I would def give it a shot.

Also I do have a buddy that did the middle of his hood, roof, and decklid matte black with the plasti-dip and man it really looked incredible. and he also said it had been on there for over 4 months with no chips or issues whatsoever. He also if your trying to take it off its really simple too. I would do it man and its reversable. Your car will def stand out compared 99% of the other 335i's that have regular factory gloss paint which turns peoples heads
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