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Originally Posted by katsooba View Post
im on stock 261 18" wheels with 225\35\18 tires.

i dont think it should be a problem, but why does it strain the system so much?
Yeah I don't think it should be a problem either. This never happened on my stock wheels, on any winter wheels, or on my old breytons which were same size as stock, even with slightly larger rubber. Only ever happened with the 19's. Maybe our problem is different? Or maybe we have the same problem, but it's just more pronounced on your car so it happens even with the 18's. Could it be what GeeRam mentioned below?

Originally Posted by GeeRam View Post
The low speed vibratory rattle I had on mine (as well as a squeaking noise when turning s/wheel) was the bushing on the steering rack where the s/column attaches.

BMW fitted a new rack, as the bushing is integral with the rack, so not cheap if the car is out of warranty.
That sucks. I've read stories on E90 post and X3 forums, and others have had the issue. Sometimes a new steering rack helped. Other times it didn't at all. Of course I mentioned that last tidbit to BMW and they refused to try to put in a new rack before just blaming the wheels. Ugh.

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