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Cold + 135i = Not so good!

OK i get doesn't freaking snow in Bavaria!
And apparently the roads are built perfect and are pothole free and due to some gravitational fandangoing RFT are as light and as responsive and as comfortable as normal tires!
OK all that I believe!

But come on!
My car lives in a grage. And so she usually never sees the cold of night.
But well she lived outside in the cold for two days and two nights...and when i turned her on wooooooh!

Cough cough studer shudder cough cough…..grind scream cray….oh I’m on?
I mean what a performance worthy of a premier ship soccer game where a player just out of nowhere takes a tumble grabs his knees and rolls on the ground crying for Tom Cruze’s god to save him….

WOW! Yeah she turned on and yeah I have the new fuel pumps but really? BMW? Really? My 03 Jetta never did this crap? Why are you doing this shit!?