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Car in shop, need new shock advice asap

Hope I am not breaking rules by cross posting from the autocross forum, but I need some advice asap and am kinda desperate.

So I have been considering new shocks to improve my 135i in D stock autocross for a while now, but something has come up. Pulling out of my driveway a few days ago I heard a bang and a horrible rubbing sound, pulled the wheel to find that my front right OEM spring had broken right in half. The car is at the shop now, and I need to decide asap which shocks I should pick up, so that they can replace them at the same time as my springs.

I am a casual autocrosser, no national level for me, but I would like to improve the handling a bit while I am in there. The car is all stock except for an m3 E93 front sway, and Michelin Pilot Super Sports. 2008 135i with 60k miles. Because of the stock class rules, I am going to keep the oem sport springs, but I want to change the shocks. Not much else I can do to the suspension without leaving stock class.

Since this was a surprise purchase, budget is an issue. I am looking mostly at the Koni Yellows or Koni FSDs. From what I have found, I can pick up Koni yellows from tire rack for $730, but without the externally adjustable rear damping. HP Autowerks has them with external damping, but they are $1172. Yikes. Or I can pick up a set of FSDs for $800.

So what is my best option for autocross? Will I be happy with the FSD's? Ride comfort is semi important, but I want to improve my autocross handling. Or do I need to bite the bullet and get adjustable yellows? for $400 more :-(

Thanks for the asap help guys, I really appreciate it. This is my Daily, so I need to order today.