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Preparing for new build!

Title says it all, I'm preparing to start my build. I'm looking for a little help here. I plan on doing all the bells and whistles and go fast mods.. but I still want to do best bang for my buck. I'm going to make a list of things I'm looking for and I'm going to look at everyone opinions and try and make one hell of a build.

I'll update this post as I get parts / install parts, etc.

-Front Mount Intercooler - ????

-Charge Pipe / BoV -

-JB4 (newest version) -
-Intake - http://www.**********

-Catless Downpipes -

-Meth kit (hidden kits are the best!) - ????

-Oil cooler - ????

-Hood -

-Head Lights -

-Tail Lights -

-Cat back exhaust - ????

-Carbon Fiber rear diffusor - ????

-Carbon Fiber front lip (that will fit the BMW performance bumper) - ????

-Carbon Fiber Spoiler -

-Oil Catch Can - http://www.**********

-Coilovers - ????

-Walnut blasting

If I forgot a major go-fast mod, call me out on it. lol

So go ahead and post if you have an item, if you like it, would have gone with a different brand, etc. I'm going for most bang for my buck, so help me out guys! Thanks.

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