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Originally Posted by walbjj View Post
whilst i do see pavo's view, speeding recklessly is the worst thing, i can also see that moocow is trying to find the best solution to his shitty situation.
as mentioned, legal advice is ur number one option, but its still no guarantee, u might be thousands out of pocket and still lose ur licence.
one option that u might not have thought of is hiring a nanny. i have a mate that has a fulltime nanny that picks up and drops off the kids. she uses their car to do the errands. she costs about $200 a day. cheap when u consider childminding costs. she is a university masters student or something.
anyway, thats just a suggestion, it would be short term, just for the term of ur suspension, so if u do the maths, it might actually be cheaper to do it that way, than to try and get legal advice.
another option is if the licence hasnt been cancelled already, make the trip across the border and get a nsw licence. a mate has done this a few times and BOOM, hey presto, full nsw licence. as long as they havent sent the final cancellation. and as we know, there is always a huge lag with regards to fines and penalties being priocessed.
i think the only sticking point is u need a current address in nsw. so open a bank account or something, get a mate to couch for u, whatever it takes to get that documentation.
thats my advice
To be honest, that's brilliant.
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