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Originally Posted by 1'M Blue View Post
Looks awesome.

I suppose it woulda looked nicer if its on a brighter colored car, say a AW of VO car.
It is more flush with black. But regardless, it looks better than stock on any color. Here is a white 1 that was done before my own. This white one here has the grey assembly/ frame/ projectors and orange reflector jet black. The only black part on this set is the orange corner/ reflector.

The theme on my lights is a satin black assembly/ frame/ reflector, projector. Personally I feel the amber corner/ reflector should not be a metallic color hence why my theme is all satin black. I believe the owner was trying to match it two his window trim, grills etc. But my goal was not to enhance the corner like a trim piece but to more so detract/ to make it disappear almost appear floating like the new DTM cars as shown here, and I got close enough IMO:

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