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Originally Posted by rking117 View Post
I would caution for not using 1 gear to start off on a regular basis. This WILL cause excessive wear in the tranny and thus shorten the life of the unit. My experience is that this will begin to cause tranny noise on downshift over time which sounds more like a metal rubbing noise. The short term fix for this noise is a fluid flush but the longer term fix is to rebuild the transmission.

I have and do accidentally start off in second gear from time to time but when i do I do feel a slight lag because of the missing torque from 1st gear but once i hit 5 mph that goes away.

Also I know on my e89 that there is an ECS tune that automatically downshifts to 1st gear for you because of a stalling issue that is common in that vehicle. I wonder if there is a similar code push that will do the same for the 1er.
I haven't heard this before. How do you know it was caused by starting in 2nd gear?