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Unfortunately, that doesn't work on my mine... I've got just the standard (stock) level iPod player on my base model 128i, which requires the BMW supplied 'Y' cable, consisting of combined USB to 30 pin connector and the aux audio plug. Just using an Apple supplied USB cable, either the old 30 pin connector or new Lightning connector, won't work... I think Hyundai also requires its own properity adapter for iOS devices, just like BMW. With that in mind, the only option seems to be the 30 pin to Lightning adapter (only avail thru Apple Store for now) which can be attached to the 30 pin connector side of the BMW 'Y' cable for iOS devices. The big unknown is if this adapter will even work on the BMW exclusive Y cable, since I don't want to shell out 29 bucks for an adapter that may not even work on my car.