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Originally Posted by RiefferD View Post
I'm going to need you to not race anyone else until you get a tune. As a matter of fact call BMS, and tell them you need a JB7. The Nissan boards are trashing us now, and it's all your fault. After you get your tune, redeem yourself, and the 1'er community....

Rule 1 - don't race a guy with mix match tires in a stock car.
Link? Or are you joking.

I think what you guys aren't realizing is how good this is for us. A stock 1 series can keep up with the glorious sr20..

Don't worry I already have my JB3, It was out for service and he wanted to run me while I was stock.

Also if you take a look at my other videos I raced another nissan while stock and he had FBO and beat him twice.