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Question Valve cleaning possible without media blasting?

I found a local indy shop that comes very recommended, specialize in BMW, yadda yadda yadda. He and I have spoken a few times via email, and I asked him about doing the intake valve cleaning for DI motors and he stated that he does them and has done quite a few on BMW, Mini, and Audi. I called him the other day to ask about installing DP's, and remembered to ask about the intake valve cleaning and what he charges. He said its called an "Induction Service" and it is $179! Said they don't remove the manifold and media blast, that would be insanely expensive. He claims his induction service sees results and he's done quite a few of them.

Now, I'm feeling skeptical of this shop. Whats the general consensus? Has anyone heard of such a thing working using chemicals instead of physically getting in there and cleaning the stuff?