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Ah rite, cheers guys, thanks for the speedy responses. Sounds like the wheels will probably be too wide then. I'll have to go for some narrower wheels I think as down the road (at some point) I'm gonna want to lower it slightly, just out of interest, seen as you've been really helpful so far, there are also some 20 inch alloys for sale in eBay which are ET40 and only 8.5 wide, will there be any problems with these fitting? What tyre size would you recommend on this set up. I know people say 20inch is too big for a 1 series but I'm only driving the 120d so not exactly a performance ride, not too bothered about performance loss I just want the look. Thanks in advance
P.S sorry forgot to mention I'm on standard M-Sport suspension at the minute so it's at 'standard' (m sport) ride height if that helps??