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Originally Posted by sparkyblue View Post
I'm still interested in the CP + BOV and I had first dibs.

You emailed me but you said you weren't able to accept paypal.

Paypal is free, easy to create and very safe. I would feel much more comfortable with this transaction if you could accept it as a payment and ship it out to me.

I'm not sure where the confusion comes in but I never said I wasn't able to accept paypal! I've had paypal for years since some vendors only use paypal.

As stated in my original post, I just prefer selling local so you see what you're getting (a quality part) and I see what I'm getting ($$). I've just never sold anything myself using paypal. I've heard it is "somewhat" safe but the seller can still get screwed. Hence why I like to do it face to face. That way we both see we're getting a good honest deal.

With that in mind though, I am opening up to the idea of shipping some things.

I will PM you and the others that have requested what shipping should be(using FEDEX and UPS online shipping quotes).