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Originally Posted by Angerman View Post

I was thinking of going the catted downpipe route and people haven't passed emissions this way either. So I said screw it, do my emissions before Feb 16th, install the catless DPs and not worry about it for 2 years.

OP, you have to remember that you aren't guaranteed to pass emissions with an aftermarket catted DP, possibility of still failing emissions
Ya in MD it's not a big deal, once every two years I could live with. But i've never seen race catted downpipes pass a sniffer test or an obd test sans Dp fix, which like you said largely defeats the purpose (imo). I want downpipes bigtime so I can be FBO, but i've worked out a truce with my SA regarding CPO warranty, and I don't want to agitate it further by going full catless. Downpipes are technically speaking a DIY job, but outside of chargepipes and intakes, I stay out of my N54's engine bay. So cramped
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