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Originally Posted by MDORPHN View Post
I've been in 1Ms with catless downpipes -- once in combination with a N55 midpipe and another with the stock midpipe.

In both situations, the sound was fine. A little deeper than stock with bit of "gurgling" and significantly less drone.

The smell of gas was, of course, apparent with the fully catless set-up. However, with the stock (catted) midpipe, it was only detectable upon start-up.


With every post I get more and more confused!

I had the AR downpipes and the madDad mids installed with the original gaskets and the sound was horrible, pretty much like a rusty old car between 1500 rpm and 5000 rpm... after 5000 rpm it sounded deeper and cool

Now I only have the madDad midpipes with the stock gaskets and it sounds very good over 3000 rpm but when I'm in any gear at very low rpm it makes a very anoying noise...

I think I'll give the DPs a chance again but with the AR gaskets....

*Just for you guys to know... I don't have emissions or noise issues here in my country so DP's are allowed unless you are in a residential area and start drifting or making unecessesar noise....