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Originally Posted by widbimmer View Post
With every post I get more and more confused!

I had the AR downpipes and the madDad mids installed with the original gaskets and the sound was horrible, pretty much like a rusty old car between 1500 rpm and 5000 rpm... after 5000 rpm it sounded deeper and cool

Now I only have the madDad midpipes with the stock gaskets and it sounds very good over 3000 rpm but when I'm in any gear at very low rpm it makes a very anoying noise...

I think I'll give the DPs a chance again but with the AR gaskets....

*Just for you guys to know... I don't have emissions or noise issues here in my country so DP's are allowed unless you are in a residential area and start drifting or making unecessesar noise....
I'd guess that there is an installation issue causing the nasty noise. Among other things, sounds like the downpipes may be coming into contact with the subframe.