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Originally Posted by dragon529 View Post
So you're saying that the Street version has absolutely no drone at all while the Race has some on low revs? I've been debating which one to get and it seems like there are split opinions on both, with more toward the Race probably due to the deeper sound..?
I have stock n55 Mids (no cats) and Stock DPs and the Street has no drone what so ever. Its noticeable in the cabin, but not too loud. When i had the race exhaust on it sounded arguably better and deeper, but the drone was unbearable and when laboring up hills it was horrendous.

The only way i can explain the sound to you, is you know that buffeting sound that goes through your head when you have one window down slightly on the freeway? 2.5k - 3.5k rpm is like that in every gear haha.

I love the street, and don't miss the race one bit.