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Originally Posted by barr1luk View Post
Hello all.

Just wanting to try and rekindle this thread.

My 135 has 20k km's on the clock and is running out of manufacturers warranty on the 17th of this month. I have Premium Selection warranty starting for 12mths from then.

I want to keep the car for a while and got a quick quote from BMW Sydney the other day for a 3yr extension to the manufacturers warranty including roadside and accident care. The initial price was a tad over $7k and I just sat there and looked at him, he knocked 25% off and brought it down to $5775!

What are others recent experiences (price/purchase location etc etc). I'd prefer the peace mind knowing that if something dies it'll be fixed but this price is just crazy. In the last 12mths I've had the HPFP replaced as well as the steering sensors.

I would put that 5k a side for repairs. I cant speak for all but my 135 is not problomatic and neither was my 07 335i, the only issues I had with both were HPFP failures, and regular maintenance, if you want to give them 5k for peace of mind by all means do, good luck bro