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Lot of factors in MPG- mainly driving style- other factors- speed, highway versus city, tire air pressure, wheel alignment, weather- wind, rain and also air temperature. In my 128i automatic I get 24-25 mixed highway and city. On the highway I drive 70-80, temperatures where I am at range from 50-90 degrees- never too cold and the roads are flat and straight. Tires have 35 PSI. The car has only 2300 miles on it and I don't expect the MPG to improve, I'd be delighted if it did. The rating for the car is 18/28. In my 2011 MazdaSpeed 3 the rating is 18/25 and I get a whopping 29.7. I run 39/36 tire pressure, same driving style and roads as in the 128i. From the forums on the MS3 most others get around 19.