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Originally Posted by Reigns View Post
Look great! Is that the CF rear diff user from ebay? I think you linked me a while back? Looks really good quality, I'll be installing my replacement this weekend (first one came shipped damaged and he is replacing for me for free)

P.S. Give your right exhaust pipe a quick little detail for me plz :P
Yes .. eBay diffuser. Quality is good especially for the price.

Forgot to clean the tip ..... Done now.

Originally Posted by Scoobs View Post
Shame about all those swirls Veet
David ... David .... David .... 8 months in and still no swirls buddy. Actually, apart from the small scratch on one door and a stone chip on the front bumper, the paint is looking better than the day I picked it up. And just for you - have I told you how easy those 313 wheels are to clean?

Thanks to all the comments.