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Berk Race vs Berk Street + Video.

Hey guys just thought i may aswell post this to give you guys my opinion on the 2.

I bought the Race exhaust and had it on for around a month before the drone and cabin noise got to me. The exhaust when driving spiritedly and WOT is incredible, nice deep tone and incredibly unique. However between the 2.5-3k rpm in any driving condition the exhaust drones and that lead to its demise for me. Also with the 7speed DCT, laboring in 7th gear up hills, etc the exhaust becomes quite monotonous. I recommend this exhaust for someone who has owned and lived with loud cars all their life and people who track their 135i's.

Now for the Street. The street for me is the perfect mix of the 2, no drone, but the exhaust still has that signature deep Berk growl. The bad drone between 2.5-3k RPM is gone and in normal driving you can be doing 50kmh in 7th gear with no annoying labor sound.

Tell me what you guys think! id love to hear your comments and if all my information is correct.