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Help, talk me out of an A5!

Unfortunately, my 2010 128i was just in an accident and totaled. I'll be receiving a nice chunk of change from the insurance company, and I'm looking at one of these two replacement cars;

1. 2010 128i, only 15k miles, CPO, brand new runflats, no options except heated seats, must have been kept outside because the black paint shows micro scratches if you look really close. $24k I'd have to get a very small loan, maybe $4k.

2. 2010 Audi A5 2.0t, 28k miles, leather, heated seats, navigation, garaged its whole life, one owner. $29.5. I'd have to get about an $8k loan.

I bought my previous bmw because it felt like a go kart with air conditioning. I loved the tiny, zippy feel of the thing. I drove the A5 for the first time today, just around a few blocks, and it felt a bit like a boat. It's much larger, and due to the curvier nature of the body, you can't tell where the corners truly are. However, living in CO the 4wd on the A5 would be a substantial benefit since this is my only car. I will be putting a 3 stage intake on the 128i and a chip in the audi, so the power for both would be more able to deal with the CO altitude. I'm leaning toward the A5 hoping that I'll become accustomed to how it drives and the size just like I did from my Tacoma to the 128, but I'm unsure this is a certainty.

Has anyone driven both sufficiently? Which would you chose?

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