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Is this thing on?
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The unknown is if your oil level started off at full from last service. I check what the level after the oil service just so I have a frame of reference to determine if oil consumption is changing and requires attention on my behalf. Miss the days of dipsticks for that engine - man bonding time but I have long since abandoned that fight.

With that said all engines in the same family will vary. Even driving style will affect consumption. My s52 mcoupe would consume a bit on long high speed runs while remain rock steady during times it was babied. My s54 m3 would consume a quart every 4-5k no matter how it was driven and it coincided with my personal oil change schedule so it was like a reminder. My Boss 302 does not use a proverbial drop no matter how I drive it. My 1m started out as full and I just checked it (thanks for the reminder - hehehe) and its still full after 2600 miles.

A lot words to say you are fine. If it was a quart every 3k miles IMHO I would worry.

Btw, I had a prelude Vtech in college that would use a quart every 2-3k miles and Honda said it was normal. Go figure!