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iPhone not linking, iDrive nob not working...

Ever since I set my JB4 TPMS light delete on, I have had a weird situation with my iDrive. When I get in my car in the AM my TPMS light comes on as if I didn't have the JB4 and my iDrive knob does not work. This lasts 10-15 min if I continue driving or if I stop and restart the car after the first 10 min the TPMS light goes off and my iDrive knob works...
This was something I could deal with but recently my iPhone 4 stopped syncing all together. I have no ART, SONG, ALB tabs, it just shows the AUX IN on my display (I have NAV). I have to control my phone directly now, nothing with iDrive works. I can't even skip tracks with the steering wheel buttons. It also used to default back to FM now it stays on AUX unless I use the mode button on my dash...

Any ideas? I'm going crazy!!!