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M3 Rear Subframe bushing swap.......


I spent this weekend busting my ass installing the M3 subframe bushings. The tool I used was this one which I got through Cheaper than Pelican to include shipping.

I mainly used this thread for reference because he used the same tool although it wasn't really necessary to bend the tabs on the front bushings to remove them. You do have to disconnect the brake lines though so you can lower the subframe enough in the front to install the front bushings. The rears were easy to remove but a bit tedious to install while the fronts came off and on easy.

I will tell you though, you have to have patience (ALOT) and strenght to do this on your own like I did as David (That1guy) can tell you as he came by yesterday by the house.

Now, I have the tool if you would like to do this "adventure" make sure that you have a peaceful weekend to do this in, to include the tools. If you would like to use the bushing tool I have no problem letting others using it and I can help you do this for a very small fee, but whoever it is, you're doing the hard work.

I also have the brake bleeder bottle to do the brakes with just in case.

So, if you would like to do this please let me know in ADVANCE so the wife doesn't kill me.

After this job.......I really miss my old E30. Doing those bushings were a breeze.
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