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Originally Posted by gwhiz View Post
Are you saying that the N54 is louder/more drone or that the N55 is louder/more drone? I was just about set to get the Berk Race soon but now you're making me second guess.

I've heard a couple things from different people but the general consensus has been that the N55 doesn't really drone at all. If you and FD both notice drone then maybe this isn't really the case. Also, if there is in fact drone it would make sense that the DCT would notice it at a lower speed than the 6MT since the DCT cruises at a higher rpm than the 6MT in top gear.

Finally, I have to wonder how sensitive different people are to "drone." My last car was an S2000, and if you want to hear drone, try that car with the Invidia exhaust! omg.

n54 had no drone. the n55 only had drone in that certain RPM which drove me nuts. Everyone to their own.

But i feel the Berk Street is the same type of sound, with less drone. If i had a Lamborghini Aventador id have straight pipes and love it. But its just a straight six and louder doesn't necessarily mean better in this case. Both sound insanely good, but i cant live with the race on a daily basis.

My mate who bought the race off me loves it.. notices the drone but can deal with it due to having louder RX7s and GTRs in the past!