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Thumbs up Can we push back against 1 series annoyances?

I like my 2008 135i very much and I will keep it as long as I can. But BMW, with their strange way of thinking has built in some BS which I would like to defeat.
1.) Lack of a dipstick. Was the car designed for leisure suit wearers,
afraid to open the hood? Is there a way to add a dipstick?
2.) The new battery registration nonsense. Is there a something that can
be disconnected to disable this? Or how about an invention
that would install on the postiive battery post to protect an
unregistered battery from damaging excessive voltage?
3.) The ignition key chimes sound excessively pleasant, which I hate. If I
knew where the noise was coming from, I'd do something. Is there a
simple way to turn the chimes down or make it stop?
I'm betting that some of you agree with me.