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When you guys jack up your car, do you somehow get it higher than the minimum clearance on whatever jackstand you have?

What method do you guys use to jack up the car at home?

Currently I drive the front wheels up onto the ramps, use the front side jack pad to lift up the side of the car to fit in a jack stand under the same side rear pad then do the same for the other side. But I feel that if I lift it any higher than the minimum clearance the car'll tip off the stand or slide off the jack stand...

I use the SCA 3000kg pair jackstands which have a minimum height of 367mm. I use a small wooden block (~18mm) between that and the jack pad (~25mm) so I probably have about 400-420mm of clearance from the floor to the underbody of the car. If I use a creeper that's not low profile enough I'm just worried that my face will just be smushed against the underbody.