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Speedometer/Instrument Cluster going CRAZY!


New to the forum, recently bought a 2005 116i and knew there was some issues buying it, but thought it would be a side project to fix her up, but been kinda of a nightmare...

Anyways, got back from vacation and my speedometer/whole instrument cluster (i.e. RPM, warning lights, turn signals) doesn't work. I tried searching on the forum but found nothing that worked. I checked the fuse and nothing looks like it's blown.

Now here's the weird thing, I take the cluster out and jiggle the one wire connected to it and then all of a sudden it works now! Next day go to start the car and once again it doesn't work. As I'm driving all of a sudden it starts working for a split second. All the warning lights (i.e. e-brake, abs, etc) flash for a few seconds and then it stops working as I am driving. Then the red light warning light with the picture of the car being hoisted up appears (read manual and it says it's an indication that electronics has malfunctioned)...

Has anyone run into this issue? Want to try some alternatives before going into the dealership and getting raped by their outrageous labour charges....

TL;DR - speedometer/instrument cluster stops working, works after jiggling connector, but then stops working but while driving warning lights turn on and it works for few seconds before not working again.

Thanks in advance for any help!!