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You should join the BMW CCA (Car Club of America). The dip stick and run flat tires are favorite rants that show up in virutually every issue of the Roundel - the club magazine. My personal aspect of the dip stick is the 2 times I have changed the oil myself on my 128i, I added 6 quarts and checked it, like I usually do, and it read full. It is supposed to take 7 quarts. Is the sensor wrong? How do I know? Pretty hard for a dipstick to fail.

The BT tool will allow you to code for a new battery as long as you put in the same type and size. If you want to switch to a mat type battery or install one of a different size, then you want NCSExpert (available free). You need a cable for NCSExpert to allow your OBC2 signals to be transmitted to your computer. I paid about $100 for mine.

I believe another poster is right, you can adjust volume on the gongs without coding. Coding would allow you to turn the gongs off in some circumstances. I also coded to cause my car to unlock itself when I remove the key. You can change a lot of annoying things with coding. But you can't give the car a dipstick.

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