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I got my wheels yesterday and opened up two of the four and I must say I am very happy. The packing was very good. Two wheel boxes packed into one bigger box which gives is an extra layer of cardboard. The individual wheels had a think fabric cover on the face surrounded by a very cool plastic protector ring and an extra cardboard cushion on top. The plastic is a very cool touch. The Anthracite color looks much better in real life than in pictures. For some reason it comes across as very dark in pictures but it has a clearcoat glimmer that is very nice in person. Thanks to Joe at APEX!

I went ahead and got the 18x9 ET 31 front and 18x10 ET 25 rear. I am 51% leaning to stock M3 sizes (245/40/18 and 265/40/18) . Joe mentions I would be giving up some sidewall response with 265 on 9" and 285 on 10 and this is worrying me a bit so I'm leaning to the stock sizes unless someone here has personal experience with this setup that could confirm that the sidewall response degradation is not significant.

Thanks again to everyone here... including Joe and Advevo!
Great to hear that you are loving the wheels, it is very hard to convey the Anthracite finish to people over the phone, email, and pm's but once you see it in person it is a very striking color.

The times where a loss in sidewall response would be evident are mostly only during Auto X and tight transitional areas on a track. If you are driving the car on the street 80% of the time and only doing a few Auto X's and track days here and there than the 265/35/18 on an 18x9" ET31 should absolutely work fine for you.