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Adding Performance Suspension: any diff. between Base or M-Sport as starting point?

I'm likely to order a 128i soon and based on all the positive feedback about the Performance Suspension, I'm thinking about adding it to the order. It sounds like that means the Performance Suspension will be installed at the port pre-delivery, which would be ideal for me.

I did some searching but couldn't find a direct answer to this question: while I understand that different cars require different parts for the Performance Suspension kit based on their VIN, does the starting point of the car define the end point or do they all end up the same with the right parts? More specifically, if I order a 128i without M-Sport and add the Performance Suspension, will I end up reaching the same endpoint with the same benefits or will the originally M-Sport still have some suspension benefits over the originally base car?

If there are no suspension differences after the Performance Suspension is added, I might skip the M-Sport package altogether especially since I would change the suspension either way, I also plan to change the wheels and the sport seats can be ordered "a la carte."

Any advice is welcome.