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Originally Posted by HavidDasselhoff View Post
No need to, I can tell you what it sounds like. Have you ever heard an M3 CSL run through it's gears under full load? Remember the first time you heard a Ferrari V12? Maybe it was a V8, maybe it wasn't even a Ferrari. Let's back up a bit here in time. What about that time, when you were still young, you saw a late 60's muscle car blur by with a sound so immense it immediately triggered a synaptic response so great you're forever immortalized as a car guy. It's like that, combined with the joy of Christmas, only much much much much better. That is what the PE sounds like on cold start.

Originally Posted by Southjersey128 View Post
Best sales pitch for an exhaust I've ever heard!! I don't want one now...I need one now!

Damm... I now WANT one now too!