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Originally Posted by -Z- View Post
I say drive it till warranty runs out and then swap turbos for bigger ones

Costs $4-$5k all includes 550-600 hp and 700 tq, add an exhaust 3.5k and you have a monster of course you will need tires and brakes to match but power wise nothing will come close for that kind of money
You cant do that on an N54.

You hit the fuel delivery capacity of the car pretty quickly. People have been trying a supplemental port injection system, but properly tuning the port injection and direct injection simultaneously has proved to be tricky and most have dropped their development programs.

There also isnt a lot of room under the hood. I doubt you could fit bigger turbos, its all very tight on the bottom end. All of the current options are simply turbines that are designed to be more efficient at high boost levels. Or boring outs of the stock housing.