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Ok. I was a little tired and just went to sarcasm.

Honestly, Ive owned this car for nearly five years. I just cant be bothered to care about the little things anymore.

Are the sunvisors in my 135 of lower quality than my sister's Focus or my GF's Kia Rio? No. But its pretty close on both accounts.

Is the key annoying? Slightly, but its a hell of a lot better than many cars ive driven and been in, looking at you GM. And ive had it turned down as low as the head will permit for years.

The dipstick you get used to. I send all of my fluids out to blackstone, and there have never been issues with listening to the BMW service intervals. That being said since the car is aging and im driving my ActiveE to work every day now im probably going to shortchange the oil changes.

My battery is fine. It can still raise and lower the top on electronics alone - not bad for a 5 year old battery.

Minor grips in a car that I love. So I just dont care. Ive got bigger things to worry about.

Like what to have as a new DD? I really want a Fiesta ST, but am I willing to deal with another high strung turbo car? Am I willing to wait a year? What happens to the ActiveE at that point?

Find out at 11.