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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
It's a taste preference. Like a choice of exhaust, each one has a different note.

Maybe the G37S has a different exhaust tone? I love the sound of the "burble" when downshifting on my buddy's G37S.
If you bought a G and didn't like the exhaust tone, why did you buy another?
The G is an excellent value. My only constructive criticism is the engine is coarse at high rpm's. It's not enough obviously, to prevent me from buying one as mentioned above, we're on our second G. I greatly prefer the sound and the smoothness of the N55 over the G37. As you said, and I wrote earlier, sound is a matter of preference, it is subjective. Others on this thread don't agree with me, some do, numerous sites that review cars have commented on the coarse engine sound at high rpm's, including Edmunds. I'm not aware of any car that is flawless.....

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