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Originally Posted by Elsabor67 View Post
I have the following for my suspension setup:

Eibach Pro-Kit Springs and dampers/rear sway bar
UUC adjustable front sway bar with adjustable end links
Vorshlag front Camber/Caster plates
M3 Strut tower brace conversion
And now the M3 Subframe bushings.

Springs and dampers are the easiest (and I MEAN IT!!!) upgrade to do. With coilovers you have the ability to adjust the ride height on the car much better than having the setup I have. If you just want to have a decent drop and a bit better handling, I would just suggest springs (like Eibach, H&R, BMW Performance).

Now, if you plan to take the car to the track alot or occaisionaly, I would suggest that you really do your research well and select a suspension that will deliver what you want from it. In my decision on going with the Eibach, one big thing I did not want was the staggering low from that H&R springs give and aslo wanted a good balance between daily driving with the handling ability in the track. I felt that with the Eibach / Vorshlag setup I attained that and now with the bushings installed I am looking very forward to the track when the weather gets better.

Edit: Bilstein makes an excellent setup and If I wouldn't have gone with the Eibach, that would have been my choice. I ran Bilstein Sport Dampers on my old E30 and loved them.
Thanks for sharing... Well you have a lot of upgrades on your suspension which needs to be set to correct settings this requires time for research.

My choice would be also something between track and DD so I'm planning to do front M wishbones, front M sway, rear M bushings, rear Xdrive sway (which is 15mm instead our 12mm) don't want M sway because I think it can be to thick for our short wheel base and happy tail , rear M rods + Bilstein B12 pro kit.
But this is my wish list so it is still future

With your suspension mods what is the weakest point of your e82? I mean unexpected oversteer, understeer, jumping away from track on turn, or something else specific?