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Thanks for sharing the info, here's my numbers from a 25 mile trip in a 128i

1. Average temp in town (stop/start driving) - don't really have any stop & start driving on my trip home.
2. Average for motorway cruise at say 70-80mph - fluctuated between 95C and 99C depending on speed.
3. What happens when you floor the loud pedal - didn't get a chance, too much traffic today
4. Does you fan run when your park on drive at end of trip - it didn't today, often does in summer.
5. If fan is running is it loud -
6. Whats your ambient external temps - 16C today.

Temperature Started at 38c after sitting parked all day. Warmed up to the mid 70's in just a couple of minutes. Got up to the 90's right around the point on my trip home where the oil level first registers a reading.

After parking and switching the engine off the temperature rose by a couple of degrees. (went from 96 to 98 over a few minutes).

I'll be interested to try this again when the ambient temps are in the 90s and see how it compares.