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Originally Posted by DR-JEKL View Post
I also thought all later models were welded as apparentley this method saves bmw $ in manufacturing costs.

May I ask who installed your diff (I realise you're in qld am im in nsw) and what diff oil do you run? I'm getting ready to organise to have my wavetrac installed, but am thinking i might at well get the subframe bushes, coilovers toe arms sways end links installed whilst she is all apart
I'm not sure on the reasoning. Yours will be welded since yours is a manual. Accelerate Automotive in Coopers Plains did mine. They've done a few now and I had no issues. I'm using redline 75w140Ns, I think. Dropped the diff oil at 3k because I'm OCD. You have the right idea about installing the other components at the same time as dropping the rear subframe is very labour intensive.
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