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Originally Posted by PyratOne View Post
Speakng of turbos.

Whats the shelf life? 100K miles?

Whats the approx cost to replace?
I hope the shelf life is more than 100K. I'm at 85 now. :lol :
I'm going into it thinking theyre just one of those parts that fail when they fail and their life is entirely based on how you treated them.

That being said I had my wastegates replaced a few mo ths ago under the warranty and the borescoped my turbos to make sure they were ok. No oil leakage and the turbines look fresh. So I think they have a lot of life in em considering ive been running a mild tune for years.

The turbos are $600 each. That gives you new headers as the turbo housing is cast into the headers. My only guess on price comes from when my injectors failed (also on the bottom of the motor) that ended up costing me about $1100 in labour.I would think the turbo job would be somewhere in that range too.

And another thought. Send the S65 to Dinan before you drop it in the 1er. Its something like 550/420 aspirated if I remember right.