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Originally Posted by simianspeedster View Post

1) Do you know if the additional M pieces are also available for "factory install" (really port install from what I understand) as part of an order? I have to order the car to get a manual transmission anyhow, so I'd prefer just to spec everything the way I want up front and have it arrive assembled, if possible.

2) This may seem redundant given my original question, but I want to make sure I'm clear: you're saying the Performance Suspension replaces all the Sport/M-Sport suspension pieces so there's no eventual difference between starting with a base (non-sport) car vs. a Sport/M-Sport car once the Performance Suspension is installed. Is that correct?

I'll probably go for the new "Lifestyle Package" (hate the name, but love the mineral white exterior and brown interior) which comes with 18" rims (261M on the coupe, I think) and swap the run flats for 225 Michelin PSSs all around.

A 3,300 lb. RWD car with a NA inline-6, manual transmission, upgraded suspension and high performance tires sounds like a proper BMW to me!
1.) I don't know. All the parts have proper BMW part numbers, but I have no idea how far they'd go to make you happy. I'm certain the delivering dealer would be happy to install any and all parts for you at a nice hefty premium, but I'm also thinking you'd pay a pretty stiff install fee for the BMW PS as well. Personally, I'd order the car and the parts you want separately and let a good Indy install them (the mods you are talking about is mostly pretty easy DIYs, though the rear bushings and rear sway bar are a b!tch).

2.) Yes. The BMW PS replaces shocks, struts, front and rear bars. There's nothing left to replace :-). The control arms and bushings are the same between base and ZSP.

Your project sounds interesting and unique. Good luck!